New Training Book: The 10-Minute Retriever
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The 10-Minute Retriever:
New training book by John and Amy Dahl
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Many people have have asked us what they can read to learn to train their retrievers really well. Finding no book in print that included the necessary detail, solid foundation work, and emphasis on great attitude, we have written our own.
The title, "The 10-Minute Retriever," reflects our conviction that brief, 10-minute training sessions are ideally suited to the learning abilities of the retriever breeds. Efficient training, in order to get the point across clearly (minimizing confusion and corrections) must be oriented to the dog's capacities and point of view. We draw on over 35 years combined experience as professional trainers of hunting and field-trial retrievers to present a progression of training tailored to the dog's perspective.
The 10-Minute Retriever starts with a puppy's first day home, with advice on housebreaking, socialization, manners, and dealing with problems, as well as, of course, getting a puppy started retrieving. It covers training up through blind retrieves in the field, with plenty of detail on obedience, force-fetching, and marking practice, and finishes with an overview of the organized events for retrievers. The book includes guidelines on being a better trainer and integrating training into the dog's life so as to foster good habits and reliability. True stories of dogs we have trained provide real-life examples of how different dogs respond to these methods.
The 10-Minute Retriever is 272 pages in length and contains over 100 explanatory black-and-white photographs.

Think you might be interested in The 10-Minute Retriever? You can read examples of our writing about retriever training in the Oak Hill Kennel Library. Publication is planned for May, 2001. Copies (autographed, of course) will be available directly from us at the list price of $24.50 plus $4.50 shipping and handling. We are not currently equipped to take credit cards, but if you go to the order page you will find a printable mail-in order form. If we receive your order in advance of publication, we will ship your copy as soon as our first shipment arrives.

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