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We breed Labradors and Chesapeakes. In both breeds, our focus is on trying to produce the kind of dogs we like, so in selecting parents we look more closely at the dogs' individual traits than at the titles they've earned. We have whelped at least ten field champions and many valued hunting dogs. We are particularly proud of service dog D'fer (Chesapeake) .


We breed Labs infrequently, when we have a bitch that meets our standards, can identify a stud we like, and have time to raise a puppy. We strive for consistency in the traits of retrieving desire, good watergoing, and tractability above all, with good nose, range, marking and memory if possible.


We are on our fifth generation of Chesapeakes. We have produced a number of dogs with excellent temperament and drive and the ability to take advanced training. They also have good, dense, short coats. We try to incorporate some less-used studs and bloodlines that have the traits we seek.

Please email us or call (910) 245-2603 to find out about planned litters.

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