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Owner Training

To get the full benefit of the training we do, owners must do two things: they must learn to get their dogs to do the things we have taught them, and they must uphold the dogs' training.

As you and your dog acquire more experience working together, you can vary the commands and gestures to suit yourself, but you'll get better results if you start by working your dog in the familiar manner we've taught.

We strongly recommend that you come to pick your dog up at the conclusion of his or her training, and plan to spend at least half a day with us. We will demonstrate your dog's work, then have you handle him or her. When we see how your dog responds to you, we will suggest ways to change your handling to get better results. We will usually provide you written recommendations for further training, and be available by telephone and email for follow-up for the life of your dog.

Since your dog will need rests between work sessions, you will also have the opportunity to watch us work other dogs and to ask questions. This can be valuable, as many issues will arise, in the training of a group of dogs, which are relevant to the further training of your dog. You are likely to see how dogs react to different challenges, as well as good strategies for correcting a variety of mistakes in training. We also recommend that you watch us and try to imitate our handling style, with which your dog will be familiar.

We recommend that you join us for one or more sessions before your dog's training is finished, if you can arrange it. The more experience you have working with us and your dog together, the more effective you'll be. The most productive time to visit is after your dog is well into field work and operating smoothly.

Please email us or call (910) 245-2603 to discuss your training needs.

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