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Obedience Training

We offer in-board training in obedience. Dogs stay with us, usually for a month to six weeks, and we teach them to come, sit, lie down, stay, walk politely on lead, and address particular issues of concern to the owner.

This is a short time and while dogs can quickly learn the basics, success depends upon good follow-up from you, because they can just as quickly un-learn them. We recommend that you plan on two training sessions with us: one when you pick up your dog, and a second, one week later. These are included in the cost of training.

Because follow up will become part of your life with your dog, it is essential that we choose a training method that makes sense to you, one that you are comfortable using. All good methods utilize similar principles, but individuals are likely to find one approach easier, another more challenging. Before beginning work with your dog, we discuss your home routine, time constraints, and preferences. Then we tailor the selected method to your dog, learning what rewards and consequences are most effective, how much repetition is ideal, and so forth. We will provide written instructions to accompany your training lesson at pick-up time.

While we do not currently teach obedience classes, we feel they are valuable. Some of our customers, after gaining initial control of their dogs with our help, go on to take classes and find that the classes provide structure and motivation that are helpful in continuing their dogs' training.

Please email us or call (910) 245-2603 to discuss your training needs.

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