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Why Choose Oak Hill?

Why choose Oak Hill? In brief, experience, excellent facilities and grounds, and attention to detail.

We offer you

  • Training tailored to your needs and your dog
  • We, John and Amy, do all dog care and training ourselves
  • Our NEW kennel is clean, safe, secure, and comfortable
  • We train in North Carolina year-round, so your dog lives in the kennel, not on a truck
  • Superb grounds on site, maintained to be free of hazards
  • Safe training - offsite trips are limited to 1-2 days per week
  • Consistency: we train six days a week. During event season, one of us handles, the other stays home and trains.
  • Time per dog - two trainers with a string of 12
  • Attentive care: we live 60 feet from the kennel and have excellent round-the-clock veterinary support
  • Over 50 years combined experience; field trial, hunt test, state champion, & obedience titles to our credit
  • Accomplishments with multiple breeds (FC, DC, Derby list, MH, obedience)
  • Most events are weekend trips thanks to our location near major trial sites. Dogs are not subjected to long periods "on the road."
  • Flexibility and creativity to solve problems and maximize the potential of each individual dog.

Please email us or call (910) 245-2603 to discuss your training needs.

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