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Terms and Conditions for dog training

We accept _________________(dog) in training for _____________________________ (owner) on ___________(date) for the standard monthly charge of $750 plus related costs.

We do our very best to satisfy your needs and goals for your dog. Results are dependent upon the individual dog's nature and history, and cannot be guaranteed. We are paid for our time, effort, and expertise. We will keep you informed of your dog's progress toward the goals you discuss with us, and encourage you to take the dog home if we feel your goals cannot be met.

We normally train six days per week, in almost all weather, making exceptions as rarely as possible (we do miss training days for field trials and will be glad to discuss our planned trial schedule). Your dog, as well as others, benefits from our strict adherence to our training schedule. Please do not ask us to depart from it. Sunday is our "day off." We clean the runs and feed the dogs but do not accept business calls or allow visits on Sundays.

We encourage owners to visit, view our work with their dog and others, and learn about the training process. Visits must be planned around our training schedule. We may not be available before the stated hour, and if you are late and do not call we will not hold up training to wait for you. If you arrive while training is in progress, we will complete the drill we have set up, and may not get your dog out immediately. Please call in advance to arrange a visit, and confirm within 48 hours of your planned arrival.

Social visits to the dog by family members, especially children, are inappropriate and are not permitted. We usually discourage visits early in training and during force-fetching as they can disrupt the dog's adjustment and progress.

While we use considerable care to reduce risks, training involves unavoidable hazards. Dogs must work off-lead, at some distance from the trainer, in a variety of hunting-type settings. Risks include but are not limited to escape, bloat, snakebite, and collision with unseen obstacles. We will be happy to explain the measures we take to address various risks, but we are not liable for mishaps to your dog during training. If in our judgment your dog needs veterinary attention, we will transport it to the nearest competent vet immediately

You agree to keep us informed as to when you plan to pick up your dog, and if your plans change, to notify us as soon as possible so we can bring its training to a satisfactory conclusion. We recommend you come in person to pick up your dog, allow us to demonstrate its work and to advise you as to handling and future training. We will provide individualized written instructions upon request.

You agree that you will not, under any circumstances, train on or otherwise use any of our training grounds without our express permission, including those grounds we do not own. In addition, you will not enter the kennel compound or get out any dog without our authorization.

We feed a premium adult-formula dry dog food. If you feel puppy food is more appropriate for your puppy, we will give your puppy food that you provide. Otherwise we will feed special food only in cases of medical necessity. If your dog requires grooming we will take it to a professional groomer and bill you for the fee.

Not all dogs adapt ideally to the kennel situation. Some are so active in their runs that they may lose weight and/or become footsore. We will notify owners of this situation in our monthly reports. In extreme cases we will crate or chain a dog, but if the dog is progressing in its training we may not undertake special treatment.

Training fees are due at the beginning of each month of training. We will send out notices with progress reports around the first of each month. If you would like further updates on your dog's progress, call us mid-month. More frequent checks are usually not productive. After 25 days from the date of your statement, fees are overdue and will be charged a $25 late fee. Costs of birds killed for the dog, certain transportation as needed, veterinary costs whether routine or not, handling in events, etc. are in addition to our regular monthly fee.

We perform blood tests for heartworm and tick-borne diseases at intervals recommended by our veterinarian. We will inform you of the results. We can take your dog to the vet for vaccinations, but it is your responsibility to let us know when they are due.

Non-emergency veterinary care, trips to the airport, etc. must be arranged around our training schedule. We must have several days' notice to make arrangements. Dogs being shipped home must go C.O.D. or shipping must be paid in advance, and bills must be paid before dog will be shipped. Ship dates are subject to constraint by weather and our prior commitments.

By signing this contract, owner accepts responsibility for the risks of having his or her dog trained, kept, and transported by John and Amy Dahl and/or employees of Oak Hill Kennel.

Owner's goals for dog (include expected hunting conditions and desired training accomplishments, and time limits if any):

Written evaluation of dog's work prior to training:

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