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Titles in brown are linked; titles in green are to be added soon. We plan to expand this section, so please check again. Don't see the subject you're looking for? Please
email us and tell us, and we will include an article or a link to information.

Household hazards that can kill your pet
The Benefits of a Dog Crate
housebreaking, reducing stress, and how a crate can save your dog's life
Understanding Dog Food Labels
AAFCO definitions
Household hazards that can kill your pet
Food Allergies in Dogs
Where Dogs Come From
examines different sources of puppies and dogs, and the benefits and limitations of each
Alternatives to Punishment
Punishment is not the only way, and often not the best way, to reduce unwanted behavior
Teach Your Dog Tricks!
Children and Dogs
Will be posted following publication in the September/October issue of Just Labs Magazine
Environmental Enrichment
Easy things you can do to improve your pet's life and reduce boredom
Age to Neuter or Spay
Early sterilization eliminates the chance of unwanted litters-but is it the best choice for your dog's health?

Recommended Local Businesses
Locally owned pet-related businesses are generally run by individuals with considerable knowledge of and dedication to pets and their care. In many cases they have a strong sense of responsibility to the local community. They are a valuable resource for pet owners.

Pet Food and Supplies
Local Veterinarians
Veterinary Specialists
Our Competition (Kennels)

Pet Food and Supplies

Cared-For Canine and Cat
located in Cam Square in Southern Pines carries premium and specialty dog and cat foods including Innova, Canidae, and California Natural. They have a selection of excellent treats that dogs love and that are healthful as well. In addition there are single-source foods, supplements, quality pet supplies and unique novelty items. 693-7875.
Aberdeen Supply
located on Sycamore St. in Aberdeen carries Diamond, Purina, and Eukanuba as well as other brands, supplements, wormers, and supplies. The helpful staff can advise you on products and will load your car or truck for you. 944-1422.
Carthage Farm Supply
on US 15-501 in Carthage has pet supplies such as leads, collars, beds, and doghouses as well as some pet foods including Eukanuba. A Southern States dealer, they know how to grow and maintain plants in local soil and climate conditions, and can advise you on maintaining a nice lawn and yard that is safe for your pets. 947-2213.

Local Veterinarians
Note: There are a number of veterinarians in the area, and we expect that many of them are excellent. We have first-hand experience with the clinics listed here. Choice of veterinarian is a personal matter. We encourage you to patronize the one with whom you feel most comfortable.

Whispering Pines Animal Hospital
on Highway 22 in Whispering Pines is our regular vet. Their three veterinarians are excellent: well-qualified of course, and also patient, thoughtful, and thorough. Their "tech" staff have excellent animal handling skills, and the office staff are friendly and helpful. 949-2111.
Small Animal Emergency Services (SAES)
located near the DMV in Aberdeen is a fully-equipped hospital (with surgical capability) that is open overnight and on weekends and holidays. Our area is fortunate to have this resource. One of our personal dogs owes her life to SAES. 944-0405.
Carthage Animal Hospital
located on Highway 15-501 in Carthage has cared for some of our animals and we have been pleased with their service. 947-5278.
Pinetree Animal Hospital
located on Hwy 5 in Aberdeen welcomes birds as well as furred pets. We have taken pets to them on occasion and have been pleased. We particularly like Dr. Melissa's clear and respectful communication style. 944-7892.

Veterinary Specialists

Veterinary Surgical Referral Practice
in Cary provides specialized surgeries. We have also had them diagnose orthopedic problems that eluded the general-practice veterinarian. They require a referral from another vet, but you might like to know they are available as an alternative. (919) 380-9494.
We are fortunate to have a veterinary rehab practice within an easy drive. Following surgery or an injury, rehab can make a tremendous difference to your pet's function and quality of life. We have had two client dogs treated at VetHab, and the results were impressive. Dr. Sherman is at the forefront of the field. (919) 785-3210.
Sanford Animal Hospital
on Seawell Ave in Sanford is the nearest reproductive specialist. If you need services related to breeding we recommend them. (919) 775-7945.
Ophthalmologists from NC State
Members of the Ophthalmology Department at NC State's School of Veterinary Medicine travel to the Veterinary Equine Research Center on US 1 every other Friday. They diagnose and treat eye conditions and perform eye exams for CERF registration. Appointments made by calling NC State at (919)

Our Competition
The kennels listed here have established a reputation for professionalism in animal care. We referred people to them while we were renovating.

Cin-Lar Kennels
on Lamms Rd. in Carthage features indoor-outdoor runs, as we do. 947-3264.
Seven Lakes Kennels
on McDougall Rd. in West End is a newer kennel, and may not be booked so far ahead of time as Cin-Lar. 673-2060.


The American Kennel Club (AKC)
The parent registry in the U.S. for most breeds of dogs, AKC also licenses dog shows and performance events including obedience, agility, herding, and retrieving trials. They issue certified pedigrees and title certificates. Dogs must be registered to participate. If your dog is not, AKC can help you determine if he or she is eligible. AKC's Breeder Referral Service can help you find a purebred puppy. (919) 233-9767.
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Originally established to aid breeders in reducing hip dysplasia, OFA now maintains a database for a variety of genetic health screening tests. You can search on the AKC registered name of any dog to find its health clearances and those of its ancestors. www.offa.org .

We plan to continue to add information to this page, so please visit again! We would like to hear your suggestions for articles and tips that would make this page even more helpful to pet owners.

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