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We offer grooming services to meet the varied needs of our customers. Baths and brushouts are available most days and are provided free of charge to dogs who stay with us for over a week. We are proud to offer show clips, puppy clips, and custom grooming by Jane Hammett of Shadow Hill. Grooming sessions with Jane usually need to be scheduled a few days ahead of time. We believe it is well worth it as she does an outstanding job for reasonable prices.

Cost for a bath and brushout ranges from $20, for small dogs with short coats, to $65 for large dogs with long, thick coats. Please call for price ranges for breed-specific clips. There is an additional charge of $30/hour to untangle matted coats.

We accept very dirty dogs, and pride ourselves on our work with dogs that aren't accustomed to regular grooming. We work to put them at their ease and teach them to relax while being groomed. We ask, however, that you tell us if you have reason to think your dog might try to bite in reaction to brushing, bathing, or clipping.

Please call us at 295-6710 (area code 910) to discuss your grooming needs.

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