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Oak Hill Kennel's Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you peace of mind when you must leave your pet, through compassionate and professional attention to all of the details of his or her safety, comfort, and well-being; and to improve the lives of pets and the experience of pet ownership by sharing our knowledge with pet owners.

Everyone at Oak Hill cares deeply for animals and is driven to make their lives, here and elsewhere, as pleasant as possible.
means we are knowledgeable in all aspects of pet care and committed to fulfilling our responsibility to your pet, placing his or her needs above our own convenience, staying late if need be to make sure they are fully met.
attention to detail
we listen to what you tell us about your pet, and fulfil all special requests, as well as any needs we identify by observing pets' behavior and demeanor throughout the day.
is ensured by the design of our facility (as described under "boarding") and by our procedures. Many redundant safety features are built into both.
comprises physical comfort and attention to pets' emotional needs. Our dog runs and cat cages cater to the animals' needs for both space and a den-like hideaway; and for simplicity which eases the stress of a new environment. We observe how pets respond to their surroundings, and adjust each pet's circumstances to suit the individual.
sharing our knowledge
we encourage you to discuss any issues or problems you have with your pet, whether or not they are related to boarding and grooming (with the exception of veterinary questions, which should be directed to your veterinarian). We can help with management and behavior issues, know where to find pet-related items, and can provide referrals to specialists in many areas of expertise. We encourage you to attend our seminars of interest to you.

Please call us at 295-6710 (area code 910) to make a reservation or schedule a visit.

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