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Boarding at Oak Hill

Designed to suit the preferences of dogs, Oak Hill Kennel is one of few facilities in the area to offer dogs a 23-hour-a-day choice between being indoors and out. Our spacious outdoor runs allow plenty of room for exercise, and are separated by chain link, creating a social setting where dogs prance, play, and posture at one another. A roof shelters dogs from sun and rain and prevents anyone from climbing out. Dogs have a view of the grassy yard and the woods beyond. Our mature oaks do more than look beautiful; they create an oasis that in summer is usually ten degrees cooler than nearby Southern Pines and Aberdeen. Scroll down or click for prices.

Our outdoor runs offer sociability and ample space

Each dog's indoor area is smaller and private, satisfying a dog's desire to have a den-like area in which to relax. Solid walls separate the dogs; a flap shuts out the social area outside, a half-height ceiling contributes a sense of security, and a chain-link gate opening into the interior room lets in fresh, heated or air-conditioned air, maintaining a comfortable temperature. We provide comfortable, sanitary Kuranda beds. Bedding brought by owners may be used in place of the Kuranda beds, or spread on top.

Private indoor areas are furnished with comfortable Kuranda beds

Each dog enjoys walks around the park-like grounds with a staff member at least twice daily during his or her stay. Additional walks are available. Dogs that are reluctant to relieve themselves in their kennel runs are walked three or four times daily at no extra charge. If a dog appears not to want to go out with us, we respect his or her preference. Besides their walks, dogs get one-on-one attention at least three times a day when we feed them and clean their runs. We feed dogs once or twice a day, per owners' instructions, and clean the runs twice per day.

View along the route of our twice-daily walks

The kennel is constructed to a high standard, with sturdy 9-gauge wire making it escape-proof and top-quality nontoxic paints and sealants making it easy to keep clean and sanitary. Our perimeter fence provides secondary containment in the unlikely event a dog ducks past our well-trained staff.

Cats stay in large cages equipped with fleece pads, perches and hideaways, a litter box, and food and water which are constantly available. Each day the litter box is scooped, the cage is swept, and each cat has at least one opportunity for petting and attention-on a staff member's lap if the cat is so inclined, or in his or her cage. Cages are elevated, giving cats the opportunity to gaze down on doings in the room and making it easy for us to give the cats attention. Cages are situated so that cats in cages cannot see one another.


Our prices are among the best in the area. We charge $20 per day to board a dog under 20 pounds, $22 per day for dogs 21 to 95 pounds, $24 per day for dogs 95 pounds and up, and $13 per day per cat. Dogs receive a complementary bath and brush-out with a stay of seven days or more, and a free nail trim with a stay of ten days. Otherwise baths range from $20 to $65 depending on dog size and coat, and pedicures are $20. Active-duty military and teachers receive a 10% discount.

Please call us at 295-6710 (area code 910) to make a reservation or schedule a visit.

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