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About Us: the Oak Hill family

Co-owner Amy Dahl has been a professional dog trainer since 1997 and has run the boarding aspect of Oak Hill since 1998. She developed our philosophy of providing our customers peace of mind through attention to every detail of their pets' safety and wellbeing, and developed a loyal clientele.

A PhD scientist and former college faculty member, Amy is knowledgeable about animal behavior and ethology in addition to training and general care, and is available to give our customers advice on training and behavior management. She has a regular column in Just Labs Magazine, and is working on her third book on dog training.

Founder and Co-owner John Dahl established Oak Hill Kennel in 1971, leaving college teaching in response to the clamor of retriever owners who saw how well he trained his own dogs and wanted him to train theirs. He has trained multiple Field Champion and Dual Champion retrievers, winners of state retriever championships in three states, and Master Hunters.

John has authored several books on dogs and training and has a regular column in The Retriever Journal. He trains and handles retrievers in AKC field trials.

John is deaf but well worth the effort to talk to, as he is a treasure trove of dog knowledge and great stories.

Please call us at 295-6710 (area code 910) to make a reservation or schedule a visit.

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