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Care for Your Dog While You Work

Dog Day Care at Oak Hill

Our Oak Hill Day Care program keeps your dog safe and happy while you work. We provide mental as well as physical exercise, and plenty of personal attention so that no matter what your life demands, your dog's needs are met. Benefits of our program include convenience, safety, and an excellent experience for your dog.

If you live or work near northern Pinehurst, drop off and pickup will add only a few minutes to your day. We are located two miles from Olmsted Village and less than four miles from FirstHealth, not far off a main road (Murdocksville Road). After your first visit, we will be glad to meet you at your car morning and evening. You are welcome to walk your dog on the grounds, as many of our customers do, or to swiftly be on your way.

While we utilize a trained and responsible staff and always maintain our facility in safe condition, the number one reason our day care is safer than others is that we do not allow dogs from different households to run together in a free-for-all, a risky activity that can lead to injuries from fighting or collisions. Instead we offer safe social interactions and a variety of enriching activities, described in the next section. These require more individual attention and staff training than the free-for-all sessions offered at some facilities.

Our Daycare Experience
Your dog's experience in daycare includes his or her "down time" between program offerings, the quality of the program, the way these features complement one another, and the quality and continuity of the staff members working with your dog.

The design of our facility provides enrichment during the time between program activities. A chief feature is our indoor-outdoor runs, which provide a full-time choice between two different environments: a small, quiet, private indoor area with a comfortable bed, and a generous outdoor run where other dogs can be seen and heard, and played with, through the chain link. Behaviorists tell us that a choice of environments is an essential feature for dogs' emotional well-being, and we think this feature is the reason our customers so often remark on how happy and relaxed their dogs are after staying with us. We provide a variety of interesting, safe toys, depending on the interests of the individual dog, and of course we observe dogs' interactions to make sure each dog is compatible with his or her neighbors.

Our daily program includes the two daily walks around the park that we offer our boarders, plus an additional one-on-one session. This may comprise outdoor play, pool time, massage, brushing, or other activities that suit the individual. Or if you prefer, we can substitute daily training with Amy, stimulating your dog's mind and improving his or her behavior at the same time. All together, your dog receives three sessions of one-on-one time with our caring staff, plus his or her choice how much time to spend relaxing or interacting socially with other dogs.

Because of our small size, your dog is cared for by the same people every day. We get to know each dog and tailor all aspects of the daycare experience to his or her individual needs.

Our fee for daycare is $18 per day. A five-day week of daycare costs $75. Baths and grooming can be arranged during daycare stays for an additional charge. Full-time daycare customers are guaranteed boarding reservations, even last-minute, any day of the year.

Please call us at 295-6710 (area code 910) to make a reservation or schedule a visit.

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